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We help companies survive and thrive in today’s cybersecurity threat landscape

Our Mission is to “Enable companies to set up a strategic approach to security” We do this based on the business and relevant information risks. Result? A security program that will protect your business intellectual property, critical and sensitive data. OutSecure helps create a standardized security program that will help protect your company and deal with:

  • Protecting your Innovations
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Globalization
  • Dynamic Technology
  • Competition
  • Organizational synergies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.

Companies often view information security in isolation: This compartmentalized approach leads to weaknesses in security management, possibly resulting in serious exposure.

From a financial perspective, this lack of comprehension can lead to unnecessary expenditure on security and control. From an operational perspective, information security efforts may not achieve the intended business benefit, resulting in information at risk.

OutSecure will work with you to develop an information security program aligned with your business goals, objectives, strategies and activities as dictated by Business’ Priorities.

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Although conducting regular security risk assessments (SRAs) may seem like a hassle, the cost of failing to conduct them and therefore failing to remediate risks is much worse. Penalties can include millions of dollars in fines, civil and criminal litigation, restitution, and damage to institutional and professional Intellectual Property and reputations.

A recent study by Deloitte showed that the amount of money an organization spends on cybersecurity doesn't automatically translate to better security. Factors that did affect security were top-level accountability, a culture that emphasized shared responsibility for security, and a risk-focused approach to mitigating security threats.

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Virtual Chief Risk Officer

Allow us to create a sustainable long-term value for the company’s shareholders by aligning business strategy with your business exposure.

Technology Risk Advisory Board

Delegate partial oversight to our technology committee so we can help relieve pressure on the full board.


We advise clients about insurance coverage types provided by a Cyber Insurance policy as well as extra value-added offerings.

Virtual Chief Security Office

Virtual Information Security Office service offers convenient and affordable access to our cyber-security expertise.

Virtual Chief Privacy Office

Virtual Privacy Office service offers convenient and affordable access to data privacy expertise.

Ransomware Protection

Our Ransomware Protection Package offers strategy and assessment, asset management and security awareness training.