AAEAAQAAAAAAAAW5AAAAJDk4ZmZiZDU3LWZjYTUtNGQ1Zi1hNTA2LWY1NzFjYmFjYzdlYQThe Internet of Things (IoT) will power countless new businesses, enable existing businesses to achieve new heights and enrich the lives of consumers. But as 20 billion devices power up over the next decade, the security risks for IoT will be as great as the rewards. Internet of Things security is already so bad that simple search engines have indexed and provided detailed information about millions of connected devices around the world, ranging from common wearable devices to home climate systems to public security cameras.

I am launching the Internet of Things, Strategy Series.  A partnership with experts from various fields that will target Business opportunities and systematic Security in IoT.

If you are interested in participating or would like me to cover an area in IoT please reach me at pamela.gupta@outsecure.com.

In my security career I have covered all security domains – network security, access control, cryptography, application security, security architecture, creating policies, security programs and risk management.  As we tackle IoT security, which has merged the threats between cyber and physical worlds I am going to rely on everything I have learn so far and learn a lot more.

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