Our approach is to create a standardized yet customizable security management program tailored to an organizations size, risk exposure and risk appetite.

In addition, we examine and recognize the threats of dynamic relationships both internal and external to the business. External relationships, such as those with third-party vendors, and internal relationships with individual business units contribute to the dynamics that shape the culture and risk of the business.

We help prioritize the gaps between current and desired end state and most importantly define your security roadmap.

A security road map that details process and technology required to address your risks prioritized by criticality.

Threat landscape for Companies and governments today consists of

  • Cyber Crime, including theft of credit card and personal identity information, and accounts payable information;
  • Hacktivism, including exposure of web servers, corporate documents and e-mails;
  • Cyber espionage, including theft or disruption of research and development, intellectual property, transactional information, and sensitive corporate plans;
  • Cyber war, resulting in damage, disruption, and destruction.

Different companies face different threats, and every executive seeking to mitigate their companies’ cyber risk must start by understanding the cyber threats facing their company. OutSecure keeps up to date on the latest threat information through expert-led research and its network of senior advisors and partner companies. OutSecure excels at making threat information relevant and useful for executives and employees, combining an emphasis on easy to understand analysis with its experience working on cybersecurity in sectors ranging from hospitality to technology to financial services.

Threat awareness services are delivered to two audiences, executives and employees, through a variety of channels, including briefings, white papers, videos, blog posts, and programs for employee training and awareness.

OutSecure is a certified Minority Owned Business

“I had the pleasure of working with Pamela on a large scale PCI compliance project and she was a great asset, both in explaining which IT systems were impacted (and why) and various methods for remediation. She took the time to explain things in a detailed manner (and that was helpful for both IT managers and techs) and she helped strategically plan and execute this initiative within our existing IT road map. Pam is a strategic, self-directed, team player who understands IT systems and potential vulnerabilities.”

– Bonnie Lowell Chief NDC Architect at International Air Transport Association (IATA)

“Pamela is a talented security leader who possesses acute risk acumen combined with a strategic approach and high motivation. She created a strategic initiative to implement a secure SDLC for an extremely complex and diverse development organization within Starwood Hotels. This included in-house development as well as outsourced and commercial off the shelf software. She collaborated with my organization throughout the various stages of the project with a lot of moving parts. Pamela’s contribution allowed the launch of projects which were in compliance with best security practices and avoided security risk to the environment and data.”

– Dorit Futerman, Sr Director Starwood Hotels