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Cyber Security Steps for Mergers & Acquisitions

Photo Source: Yenwen Feng – The slogan on the remodeled wall of Tiffany on Wall St You are considering investing or acquiring a company and you have a team of […]

Hotel Security: You can check out any time you like..

Photo source: Flickr But you can never leave. Secure lodging and reputation are paramount for hotels of any size. Protection and maintenance of assets including human, physical and other intangible […]

Security on a budget : Stop! Before you spend a dollar on Security!

Photo Source: Bill Brooks In today’s cybersecurity threat landscape, all companies regardless of vertical, size or complexity require a strategic security approach. To protect their business, their customers, their business […]

Is Your Business The Next Target?

By Pamela Gupta If a data breach is inevitable for any business, and it is – what measures do you have to take now to minimize the impact on revenue, […]

Facebook you have 2 security pokes and 1 message

By Pamela Gupta | September 2, 2013 In August, a Palestinian Facebook user, known as Khalil, found a flaw that allowed someone to post on any other user’s Facebook wall, […]

CEO and CISO conversations that are not happening…

By Pamela Gupta | June 6, 2013 Businesses need to protect their information.  We don’t need hackers and state driven cyber-attacks to recognize that for a  business to succeed and […]

Is Your Data Backed Up?

It might come as a surprise, but many small businesses and even some medium-sized businesses struggle when it comes to properly managing data. Small business owners are often unaware of […]

Evernote Introduces Three New Security Features

Everyone’s talking about two-step authentication, and only a select few companies are actually using it. However, as the process becomes more familiar to the public, it’s becoming more prominent. Yesterday, […]

Google Breached, Sensitive Data May Have Been Lost

In 2010, Google’s servers were hacked by Chinese hackers in attempts to get a hold of information that was private, US officials said. For the past three years, the government […]

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