An Innovative Approach to Harnessing cybersecurity for digital opportunity and sustainability

OutSecure’s patent-pending Security Awareness as a Service delivers customized Cybersecurity Strategy tailored to your organization’s Risk, culture and business needs. The OutSecure approach provides an innovative service model for implementing and maintaining an effective, measurable Cybersecurity Risk Program that affects risk profiles for companies. OutSecure develops independent programs that can be run simultaneously for main and subparts of the organization. We incorporate metrics and extensive security strategy experience in our approach to deliver actionable risk mitigation.

We take the guess work out of developing and executing a holistic Cybersecurity Risk Program and provide programs and services that save your organization time and money. Whether you require a new Cybersecurity Risk Program or want to enhance your current cybersecurity efforts, we create impactful programs that will reduce your risk exposure and make mitigation manageable.


Every OutSecure Cybersecurity Risk Program begins with an in-depth review and evaluation of an organization’s culture and current security program (if in place) followed by the identification of critical risks that require immediate attention. We then develop a Targeted Action Plan that may include process, technology and/or policy changes.


When OutSecure first engages with any potential customer we invest considerable time and effort actively assessing your organization’s security culture and business drivers.


We develop strategies to right-size our clients’ Security and Privacy programs based on organizational size, complexity, objectives, risk profile, and risk tolerance.

We help clients establish effective and scalable governance with clear roles and responsibilities to continually sustain their organization’s Security and Privacy program.

Legally Defensible
We help clients develop and implement a risk management approach to identify foreseeable risks and apply reasonable standards of care to create a legally defensible posture.

I Assess Culture & Business Drivers

When OutSecure first engages with any potential customer we invest considerable time and effort actively assessing your organization’s security culture, Organization structure and business drivers. This includes an analysis of an organization’s security culture, Business Units interactions, demographics, expressed security concerns and business needs.

II Create Targeted Action Plan(s)

OutSecure develops independent programs for independent initiatives as well as entire organizational security.

Develop 90-Day Security Risk MitigationPlan – Creation of 90-Day Plan which outlines the areas of focus and topics to be covered, as well as identities the most effective mediums (Policy, Process, Technology).

Provide Add-on Security Solution(s) As Needed –The solution(s) devised could range from a customized anti-phishing campaign and/or espionage simulation, to targeted event support during a critical time, to bringing in one of our experts for a series of high level executive briefing sessions on cybersecurity. For organizations that experience a breach in security or an urgent shift in business needs, our programs allow for immediate modification as needed.

III Execute & Maintain

We take great care to simplify the implementation and maintenance of your customized security awareness program(s) through step-by-step guidance on program execution. Additionally, we support the implementation of security awareness programs for each organization’s subculture. As needed we also offer remote or on-site administration of your program by one of our OutSecure experts.

IV Measure Impact

For each of our programs we specify and provide guidance on metrics collection throughout the entire process. This enables an organization to continually measure the impact and effectiveness of security awareness. This method allows for an organization to hone in on and constantly reinforce those elements of a security awareness effort that are working, adjust and shift as needed, thereby saving time and money while maximizing overall ROI

V Reassess & Calibrate

We work with you to evaluate gathered metrics and determine the success of the program to date, reassess the topics to be highlighted, and provide guidance on which components to use moving forward. This allows for constantly keeping the Cybersecurity Risk Prgramfresh, engaging and cost effective. Additionally, should your organization experience a crisis or shift in the business needs during one of the 90-Day cycles, OutSecure’sapproach allows for an immediate adjustment to your unique security awareness program.

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* OutSecure’s Security Awareness as a Service is currently patent-pending