Cloud Cyber Security Training

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A strong cyber security framework for the Cloud enables end-to-end security, despite the application data having to traverse the layers of Infrastructure, Platform, and Service support. We step through risk analysis and threat modeling and examine various layered defensive techniques. The cyber security in the Cloud is not dissimilar to the cyber security of smaller systems, except that the virtualization in the Cloud accords a stronger protection if the defensive techniques are applied consistently.

We learn from the leaks by Edward Snowden that strong cryptography works, otherwise the leading intelligence agencies around the world have scant need to go through so much trouble, just to break it. We use strong cryptography to bootstrap the security, starting from the root of trust.

We also learn some favorite hacker techniques, calling to mind that the offence informs the defense. Using real-world examples, we learn the importance of penetration testing (before the attack), the intrusion detection & incident response (during the attack) and digital forensics (after the attack).

We learn some architectural choices to recover gracefully from an attack.