Security Privacy and Integrity for AI

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  • Artificial Intelligence, AI, in essence is software that is used to simulate human intelligence processes, including learning, analyzing data and reasoning.
  • Today, Artificial Intelligence is present in almost every facet of our digital existence, including email spam filtering, assistance during Google search, Facebook’s analysis of user status updates, Apple’s Siri, Twitter’s removal of racist content.
  • Additional promising technologies currently being researched include driverless cars, digital assistants for nurses and doctors, and AI-enabled drones for expediting disaster relief operations
  • One important differentiator of AI programs from conventional programs is impact.  AI capabilities are and continue to become more powerful in their impact (think logarithmic not linear) and pervasive, we have to be very cognizant and careful of how these systems are built. Cybersecurity practices require to be integrated at every stage of development and deployment to ensure positive outcomes.  Intended outcomes.