Data breaches and other cyber-threats are much in the news, and their potential consequences are well documented – lawsuits, embarrassing revelations, remediation costs, damaged careers…

OutSecure’s Virtual Information Security Office service offers convenient and affordable access to our cyber-security expertise that comes from over 15 years in defining security strategies and initiatives in Fortune 500 companies across industries.

Our ON-DEMAND Virtual Information Security Office offers free threat strategy assessment with a kill chain model exercise; security framework review using a threat simulation penetration test in a sandbox; a “toolkit” for CSOs that provides guidance on security success and training employees; and boardroom assistance, where the team offers communication strategies for aligning security projects with business plans and strategies.

CSO’s initial consultation is typically an hour-long conversation with the client, and then includes on-site visits as well.

Let us address your occasional cyber-security concerns (a few examples are given below) at an affordable hourly rate.

  • Can cyber-threats put me out of business? What are the risks I need to be aware of?
  • What is the right amount of security and what will it cost?
  • What questions should I be asking my IT guys about information security?
  • Does my company fall under any regulatory regimes for cyber-security?
  • Is my security program legally defensible?

Simply send us your questions, and we will set up a conference to answer them.

Our SUBSCRIPTION Virtual Information Security Office allows you to purchase blocks of our expertise to be used as and when you need it over the course of a year, effectively outsourcing your information security strategy function. The block could be as little as 50 hours or as much as 500.

A longer, deeper engagement allows OutSecure to undertake more complex information security initiatives for your business. These might include:

  • Creating your security roadmap.
  • Creating the risk mitigation plan and identify security resources required.
  • Creating a security budget for a lean security program.
  • Assessing the maturity of your existing security program.
  • Preparation of a data breach preparedness plan.

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